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Rosanna Davison's Top Tips For Maintaining Exercise Motivation


There are a variety of reasons you may start to feel your motivation levels wane when it comes to your exercise regime. Maybe you have started to feel like your calendar is a little bit full and it is hard to squeeze in a workout, maybe you aren’t enjoying your current plan or maybe you have simply missed a few days and feel as though you have fallen off the band wagon! Spatone® Brand Ambassador, Rosanna Davison, shares some top tips to stay motivated

Consider your exercise type:

If you are absolutely not enjoying your plan, staying focused and consistent is going to be really difficult! There are so many types of exercise that there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy. For example, if you want to improve your cardio fitness but the thought of a run, jog or even a brisk walk leaves you feeling flat, why not try an online dance class? Your heart rate will increase, you can give it absolute socks and chances are you will be so lost in the music you won’t even notice the time pass. Alternatively, if you prefer to exercise outdoors, why not consider hiking, cycling or paddle boarding, the options really are endless!


If you have a hectic week, are feeling frazzled by the seemingly endless list of engagements you have booked in, it can be very easy to cross exercise off the list to free up time. Try to pop reminders in your calendar so your exercise time becomes an ‘appointment’. It is much easier to cancel or think “I’ll do that later” when a workout has no definitive time, so when you have made a conscious commitment to your exercise slot you are less likely to skip it. If you are still feeling on the fence, just think how good you will feel afterwards! The only workouts people seem to generally regret are the ones that they haven’t done. When things are busy, it is extra important to stick with it, taking that ‘you time’ and enjoying the endorphins that come from exercise can all help with head space.

Be realistic with your goals:

Progress doesn’t happen overnight so make sure the targets you set for yourself are in fact achievable. Deciding you want to run 5km without stopping for a break in 3 months is much more feasible than planning to be 10km ready in a week. Maybe for you increasing mobility is your priority or simply going for a walk 5 times a week. Once whatever it is you are aiming for is in reach you are much more likely to feel positive and enjoy the journey, putting unrealistic pressure on yourself is likely to lead to a drop in motivation.

Stay positive:

Consider your workout journey as the foundation for forming a long-term habit. Throughout the journey, remember to listen to your body and mind. Trust that you will achieve what you’ve set out to do in the end. A positive mind frame will get you halfway to your goal.

Remember that journeys don’t necessarily go to plan and that it can be difficult to keep a positive mindset all the time. If you’re having a low day or are lacking in motivation, accept it and go with it; take a day off if you need and remember that tomorrow is another day. Or, if you still want to do something, try a slower paced exercise like yoga or a gentle walk.

Keeping your exercise routine attached to positive thought patterns is essential in continuing the journey and making it a long-term habit.


Make sure to eat regular balanced meals. Your body needs this fuel to make sure you have the best chance of achieving success with your goals. Sleep is also crucial! Establish a good sleep routine and set yourself up for a good night’s rest. Switch off devices at least an hour before bed and make sure you go to bed at the same time each night to get your body in a good pattern. You need this time to rejuvenate after a long day.

Believing in yourself is important, always remember it is never too late to get back on your journey, no matter how long it has been since your last workout.