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Why Am I Always Tired?

There’s nothing worse than constantly feeling exhausted and run down. It’s normal to feel tired after a long day, or at the end of a stint of busyness, but when we’re continually experiencing extended moments of tiredness and fatigue, you might want to try and get to the bottom of what’s causing it. Have a read below for some factors that might be contributing towards your tiredness.

Lack of sleep

Sleep deprivation can increase tiredness and impact your overall well-being. To maintain your energy and manage fatigue it's important to prioritise sleep. Try going to bed slightly earlier than usual so you can squeeze a couple more hours in. Setting a bedtime alarm is a great way to prepare for sleep. If you are still struggling, begin tracking the number of hours you are sleeping every day. Monitoring sleep will help you identify whether you are getting enough rest regularly. Give yourself time to unwind and destress in the evenings. Run a warm bath, sip on camomile tea and turn your phone and laptop off at least an hour before bed.

Unhealthy lifestyle

There is a relationship between well-being and tiredness. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has many benefits, one being helping maintain our energy levels. To feel energetic and at our best, it's important to take care of our overall health. An unhealthy lifestyle can look like many things -too much alcohol, partying, late nights or just not enough exercise and poor diet. A few small changes can help reduce tiredness and increase your energy. Try to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and avoid consuming too much alcohol, processed sugar and caffeine. Take regular breaks from working or sitting at a desk - go for a five-minute walk; movement is a great way to help improve physical and mental health.

Not taking time off

Work-life balance is a great way to manage tiredness; we can easily get carried away working every hour available to us. Planning regular restful breaks can help manage fatigue. Annual leave is there for a reason, and so are the weekends. So, take those holiday days. Don’t get out of bed until you feel you have achieved enough sleep. Make sure you’re getting those much-needed moments of relaxation to re-set your system and recharge. Value your time: Work smarter, not harder. We can all find ways to improve how we work. If you are working long hours and struggle to step away from your emails and screen find a strategy to help reduce your workload. Feeling overwhelmed and over committed can impact our energy, as our brains are always thinking and not switching off.


Did you know that not getting enough water can contribute towards your lack of energy?  Water supports many body functions, so it's essential to maintain a consistent intake.  Try to drink one glass of water every hour; skipping out on water means your body can be working under strain and your fatigue can be amplified.