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The Ultimate Bucket List To Maintain Your Mind And Body

Time for a new challenge for your mind and body? Get your bucket list together! 

Creating a bucket list is a great way to remind yourself of how important new experiences are and how to act on them. Take a pen to paper and writing down things that come to mind. Ask yourself: ‘are there any countries I want to visit?’ and ‘what activities or skills do I want to do/learn?’. Come up with as many as you can, so that your bucket list becomes a record of everything you want to achieve, do, feel and experience in life. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Bucket list for your Mind 

Set yourself a reading challenge 

After discovering Bill Gates’ YouTube channel  where he has an entire playlist dedicated to books, we were inspired to read more books and make them a part of our bucket list. A reading challenge is a fun yet relaxing way to develop a new hobby. Your bucket reading list could be made up of old classics like Wuthering Heights or books that will improve your life like as The Chimp Paradox

Do a puzzle 

Not all bucket list plans need to be far-fetched and expensive. From Rubik’s cubes and Candy Crush puzzle games, to a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of stunning scenery, there are many ways to add a puzzle to your routine. 

While it may not be an obvious choice for your bucket list, doing a puzzle once a week can help keep your brain active and challenge your problem-solving skills. As part of your bucket list, why not add doing a puzzle once a week. 

Begin a guided meditation course

Guided meditation can help you focus on the positives in your life.

There are many apps available to help you keep track of your progress and guide you through some videos that suit your mood. When searching for your app, it’s worth considering what you need and what you like. For example, what kinds of voices do you find soothing, or do you want motivational messages when you’re stressed? 
For beginners, why not try Stop, Breathe & Think, which starts by showing you a choice of adjectives to describe how you’re feeling. It then uses this information to recommend short, guided meditations or even longer practices helping you relax.

Bucket list for your Body 

Do a charity trek

If you fancy a trip of a lifetime, why not challenge yourself to a trek for charity? An experience like no other, the Everest base camp hike in Nepal takes 12 days and takes you through awe-inspiring views of Himalayan valleys where you can meet local communities and pass by Buddhist mani stones and prayer flags. The trip can be organised through charities in your country and offers you training programmes and support in the run-up.

Whether you join a charity group or set up your fundraising page, it’s never been easier to challenge yourself physically for a good cause.

Set yourself a fitness challenge 

To help improve your body’s strength or stamina, you could add a fitness challenge to your bucket list. This may be a CrossFit challenge, signing up to a marathon or working out for 30 days. 

Plus, fitness can be incredibly social! Find your local community, whether this be a fitness group or on social media and do your challenge with people all over the globe... or right down the road!