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Six ways to stay energised and motivated throughout the day



Most of us have experienced fundamental changes in the way we work and live, either still adapting to – or now in the midst of – the ‘new normal’. Lots of us are likely working from home and trying to navigate the new terrain in terms of how we are juggling our family life, getting work done and generally adjusting to a challenging new environment. 

And it all feels very exhausting. Although we’re “just” staying at home and lots of us aren’t enduring our normal commute or rushing around picking the kids up from various activities, this new way of life is draining. But, whilst we can’t change what’s going on across the world, there are small steps we can take each day to stay in control and feel productive.

The team at Spatone have pulled together some tips as a place to start, to help you stay energised and motivated during your new daily routine.

Know what you need to have a good day

Remember that you are in control of your environment when you work from home and it’s important to tune in to what you need and then make time for it. It could be 30 minutes of yoga in the morning, planning your children’s schedule for the day, or listening to your favourite playlist before you start work. Understand what ingredients you need in order to have a good day at work and design your working day fittingly. 

Make time for distractions

Working from home offers up lots of distractions that we’re not used to in an office environment, whether it’s our children or partners, being distracted by the laundry pile or that half watched tv episode from the night before. But instead of putting pressure on yourself to avoid all distractions during the working day, try making time for them as part of your day. Plan to spend an hour at lunch with your family or by getting some fresh air and allow yourself flexibility for 15-minute breaks to chat to the children, make yourself a drink or simply step away from your workstation.

Embrace natural light

Whether it’s a walk outside or an open window, make time to get some fresh air and natural light. If you don’t have a garden or can’t get outside, open the front door or the windows, take in some Vitamin D and try to breathe in some fresh air; 4 seconds in through your nose and 4 seconds out through your mouth. 

Keep moving

Make sure you regularly get up and move around, even just for a few minutes to get a drink or have a stretch. If you can, get up and move around during phone calls, or perhaps use a conference call as an opportunity to stand up for half an hour. Also try to fit in regular exercise, whether it’s a YouTube workout or a routine of your own making as it will help you stay energised and focused throughout the day.

Prioritise a balanced diet

As obvious as it sounds, what you eat can have a huge impact on your energy levels, particularly if you have found your normal eating patterns changing in these new circumstances. The key to a balanced diet is choosing whole, nutrient dense foods in order to fuel your body with the right vitamins and minerals it needs to avoid an afternoon slump and stay energised throughout the day. Whether you prefer to eat three main meals a day, or five smaller meals, make sure you are getting a variety of unrefined carbohydrates, proteins and fats and particularly getting lots of vegetables, whole grains and healthy oils in your diet.

Filter the information you are taking in

The flow of information from lots of different sources can feel overwhelming and draining, especially at the moment. From news outlets and social media to business updates and guidance, it’s important to try to set boundaries to ensure you are not overloading yourself with information, which can deplete your energy levels. Think about how and when you access the news and social media and substitute scrolling with another activity you enjoy.