How to Boost Your Energy in a Day, a Week, or a Fortnight

It’s no secret that with today’s busy lifestyle, energy is in short supply. We’re more tired, wired, stressed and strung out than ever before. And the pressure to do it all leaves us wanting to crawl under the nearest rock for a nap.

Sound familiar? Read on. This go-to guide will help you boost your energy in a day, a week or a fortnight. Think minimal effort for maximum energy gains...


Eat for nutrition

When you’re feeling tired, it’s all too easy to reach for a fast fix in the form of a sugar- and calorie-laden snack. Unfortunately, it’s just a temporary solution. Rather than powering you through until dinner, that 3pm doughnut will cause a blood sugar surge-then-drop that will leave you just as tired, and hungry, as before.

For steady energy levels, avoid over-eating and put balanced, nutritious meals on your plate. This means bypassing anything overly processed and choosing complex, low-GI carbohydrates. These slow-release carbs help regulate blood glucose to avoid energy slumps, and also keep you fuller, longer.


If you’re constantly exhausted, exercise is likely to be the last thing on your mind. However, it’s one of the best things you can do to boost both your mood and your energy levels. It doesn’t have to be a full throttle workout, either, with regular low-intensity exercise shown to significantly reduce fatigue. Add to that the reduced disease risk associated with a fitness regime and the incentive to move more can’t be ignored.


Create a bedtime routine

One obvious reason you could be low in energy Is lack of sleep. While there are numerous reasons you might have trouble sleeping, a consistent bedtime routine can help. For starters, avoid caffeine and heavy evening meals and stick to the same bedtime as much as possible.

Addicted to scrolling? Unfortunately, the blue light emitted from your smart phone can inhibit your ability to fall asleep by suppressing melatonin. So, for a better night’s sleep, set a tech curfew and switch off devices at least an hour before bed.

Avoid alcohol

A drink (or three) might seem like the remedy for a hard day at work, but the relief is short lived. Alcohol not only has a sedative effect, it’s a diuretic. Meaning that although it might help you drift off to sleep sooner, your sleep may be disrupted by the call of nature. Add in a hangover, skip your morning workout and throw in some poor food choices and you’ll see that alcohol and energy don’t really mix.


Add an iron supplement

There are many things that can leave us low in energy, from lack of sleep to chronic stress and a sedentary or party-hard lifestyle. But what if you take good care of yourself yet are still feeling drained? A nutritional deficiency could be to blame, the most common of which is iron.

As the body cannot produce this essential mineral, we must look to food sources such as red meat, poultry, seeds, spinach and even dark chocolate (yay!). However, it can sometimes still be difficult to meet your requirements, particularly if you’re pregnant, vegetarian or highly active.

If your dietary iron intake is insufficient, supplementing with Spatone® 100% Natural Liquid Iron may help reduce fatigue and maintain healthy iron levels. Naturally sourced, the iron-rich mineral water is a highly bioavailable source of iron that is easily absorbed and gentle on the stomach.

Be around uplifting people

Ever walk away from a conversation with a friend or colleague feeling like you need a lie down? Negativity is a real energy drain, and spending time with people who constantly complain can be exhausting.

Thankfully, positivity is equally contagious, and uplifting instead of depleting. Try to surround yourself with happy people as much as possible and you’ll soon see your mood and energy levels soar!

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